Workplace Safety Tips In Manufacturing

  • admin
  • November 20, 2019

Staying safe and healthy must be the priority in any workplace. And, no matter the size or type of the job, it’s the necessity for all the staff. It can help in avoiding risk and injuries that can result in less expenses and more profit. Here are some tips that can make your workplace safe. Our infographic will also help you to know more in details.

1. Understand the risks

Once you will be knowing the particular hazards of you job or workplace, you can work to reduce the risk or injuries.

2. Reduce workplace stress

Nowadays, stress has become a very common problem  at workplace and it’s causing because of long hours job, job insecurity, competition amongst coworkers, conflict with bosses etc. It can lead to depression and sleeping disorders.

3. Take regular breaks

Taking regularly breaks during work keep workers fresh and alert that can help in avoiding risk and injuries.

4. Protect Your Back

Need to be careful while carrying heavy loads. keep your back close to your body and then lift with the help of thigh.

5. Say No to Alcohal and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs are contributing 3% of workplace fatalities.